A Fall-ish Orla in Winter– Oops, Summer



First finished garment of the year! Three months in, but, whatever.

So I think that I cut this out in October, intending it to be a Thanksgiving dress.

It’s a mystery fabric that my family found when cleaning out my maternal grandmother’s apartment, following her death.

But this is not a sentimental dress as I was never close to my grandmother. She was one of those fussy old world women with lots of hard edges, and specific expectations.

The pattern is the French Navy Orla, previously made in a blue and white cotton.

As noted previously I decided to raise the neckline, and being my somewhat carefree self I cut it rather shallow, figuring that I could scoop it out later. (And never did).

I don’t recall a lot of other changes from the last iteration other than making the skirt out of a single fabric rectangle, that is probably off grain (sigh).


PatternFrench Navy Orla

Fabric: a mystery

Notions: thread, 22″ white zipper

Alterations: Raised neckline, simple rectangle for skirt


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