100 UFOS Challenge

Well I moved in the past six months, so there was that fun* thing of figuring out how everything is going to fit and shedding unneeded things. In the figuring I was astounded by the number of UFOs I have. They’ve been hiding in shoe boxes, regular boxes, and some in a plastic bin and I’m afraid that there are near twenty. Off the top of my head one or two have just a few more steps to completion.


I’m going to list them, but take no photos (a certain laziness that gives me more time to do other things, like sew!)

In no specific order:

  1. Denim Butterick 5295
  2. Red and Blue cotton homespun modified Sorbetto dress (meant for the Mad Men Challenge)
  3. Turquoise and white check poly-cotton Butterick 5526
  4. Rhododendron poly shantung Simple Shift Dress
  5. Olive cotton ripstop Butterick 6061 shorts
  6. Poly-cotton broadcloth Purl Soho City Gym shorts
  7. Blue and white plaid-type cotton homespun Simplicity 2246 (Lisette Traveler’s Dress)
  8. Linen-cotton Modern Sorbetto top
  9. Blue and white stripe French Navy Orla
  10. Fall leaves upholstery Delphine skirt
  11. Brown and blue poly-cotton broadcloth slip (Simplicity 8186)
  12. White poly Deer and Doe Belladone
  13. Pleather Deer and Doe Anenome
  14. Black poly suiting half circle skirt
  15. Black poly suiting gathered skirt
  16. Bottomweight Simplicity 1419 (Lisette)
  17. White, grey, and silver knit dress
  18. Denim Coffee Date Dress
  19. Denim/ chambray Deer and Doe Sureau Dress
  20. Blue broadcloth gathered dress with Belladonne bodice
  21. Simplity 8022 PJ bottoms
  22. Pink lawn with grey poodles Sorbetto
  23. Navy blue Cambie skirt
  24. Dirty denim jeans
  25. Blue-purple linen Simplicity 1420 skirt

To be altered/ fixed:

  1. Let out the bodice in my Picnic Belladone
  2. Fix the gathering elastic on the eyelet peasant blouse
  3. Figure out where to and put darts in my RTW embroidered black crinkle shirt
  4. Fix waistband on black RTW tiered skirt with beading
  5. Fix hole in red homespun half circle skirt
  6. Take in the Denim Belladonne skirt
  7. Homespun shorts
  8. Pale rust rayon knit gathered skirt
  9. Blue and white check popover shirt

What to do with…:

  1. Batik half circle skirt
  2. Denim half circle skirt
  3. Olive Wrinkleease Modified Simplicity 2246
  4. Khaki cotton twill skirt
  5. Turkish red cotton Sureau? (found part of a bodice, not sure where the rest is)
  6. Green cotton Coffee Date Dress
  7.  Seersucker Sorbetto
  8. Quilting cotton Belladone
  9. Purple poly shantung Sorbetto
  10. Waterproof coat
  11. Cation Swing top
  12. Sateen Colette Ginger skirt
  13. Black and sparkle suiting skirt
  14. Brocade skirt
  15. Potting soil Wrinkeease shorts
  16. Tan and brown floral Burda Danielle
  17. Black eyelet dress
  18. Blue microsuede skirt
  19. Navy blue poly textured dress
  20. Blue, tan, brown camo shadows peach skin skirt
  21. Black and white batik bodice
  22. Poly suiting skirt
  23. Linen and lace skirt
  24. Blue microsuede skirt
  25. Tan and black paisley skirt
  26. Batik Colette Dahlia
  27. Black Burda Jocelyn 

Oh crap. I did not know that it is this bad! But now I know they exist. So I’m planning to try to work through these projects, figuring out what to do with them: whether to finish them, recycle/ upcycle, or toss somehow. I also want to work on the various scraps lying around.

And let’s see if I can go through them before the year ends!

0 down, 61 to go!

(I’m afraid that I missed some UFOs, so I popped the UFO challenge count to 100).


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